Sunday, January 19, 2014

{2014 featured vendor} Speeches Delivered

Congratulations!   And let the writing begin! 

Words set the style and tone from the start.  It's part of the fun of what we do.  We're like your wedding warm-up act.

Share your story through an engagement announcement.  Post it on your website.  Send out playful save-the-date notes and witty RSVP cards.  These are people's first impressions of you as a couple and of the wonderful celebrations to follow.  

As The Big Day approaches, family and friends get swept up and put off writing their toasts and speeches.  They don't know what to say.  Or how to say it.  They kept hoping inspiration would strike and now the rehearsal dinner is Friday!  The wedding is Saturday!  Our phone rings on Wednesdays.  A lot. 

Everybody take a breath.

Your dad/mom/groom/groomsman can actually enjoy this.  We'll ask them about themselves.  We'll ask them about you.  We'll pull out all the funny little stories and details that make everyone so excited to celebrate this amazing milestone.  We use direct quotes whenever possible, so it sounds like them.  If they, like us, had 10,000+ hours of writing experience.  People stop dreading that moment when all eyes turn to them and actually get excited to speak.   Even the trickiest of families get really We Are The World really fast.  Is all that going to come from them cutting and pasting together quips from the internet?

You can tell us on Wednesday.

Jonathan Reeves, one of LA's premiere event planners, asked Laurie to write wedding toasts for his client.  They loved what she delivered and referrals followed.  So she recruited five of her fellow TV comedy writers to start Speeches Delivered.

Stop by our Facebook page.  We share confidence boosters for your toast-givers and comic relief for you -- like "The 39 Stages Of Being A Bride."

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Happy wedding,

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