Thursday, January 10, 2013

{featured vendor} Armen Photo

A contemporary, fresh approach to wedding photography…

While Armen Asadorian Photography will always show the classic scenes from any wedding – the couple, the kiss, the cake – he also finds the moments you may miss while taking your vows, cutting the cake and being the center of attention.  Armen goes beyond the obvious shots and sees the most interesting moments you may not recognize in the frenzy of the day. Sometimes taking a step back from the celebration can present the most extraordinary snapshot.

Armen’s 12-year background in high-end fashion and commercial photography provides him with the skills and experience to successfully capture your special day. His innate creative inspiration and technical know-how enables him to bring out the essence of a subject in the most fascinating angle possible. With an eye for the smallest detail in every shot, he leaves the viewer thrilled with every image.

Enjoy these amazing shots from Armen and make sure to stop by and see them in person at the show! 

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