Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{featured vendor} Albert Postel

He has been described as innovative, creative, phenomenally patient and professional, comforting yet firm, ever present yet unobtrusive, and the list goes on and on. Albert Postel is one those extremely rare photographers who is able to gently guide anyone being photographed into that perfect pose, and at the same time, blend into the crowd., I see my responsibility as photojournalist is telling a compelling story about the people who have granted me the privilege to enter their lives and document their relationships, love, humor, dreams and personality. This work is in the tradition of the great photojournalists that have used their artistic ability to document and interpret events and people with the unique sensibility that only a camera can capture. The role of the photographic biographer is to tell the story of the love and lives of the people communicating their commitment to each other in marriage

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