Monday, November 7, 2011

{featured vendor} Cake POP'in

We are crazy for Cake Pops! Baking and design enthusiasts, sisters Eliza and Ani are transforming these delectable treats to satisfy the Stylish Bride’s and Planner’s trending creative challenge of utilizing Place-Cards as Favors.

Cake Pops are decadent, moist cakes on a stick that are dipped in rich chocolate. POP-in’ specializes in creating these delectable two-bite indulgences and customizing them for every occasion. They personalize each arrangement to capture your unique style (and sweet tooth) by paying attention to even the smallest detail. Their unique twist on place-cards will be displayed at the Bridal show as part of their wedding offering.

Other creative ideas include adorable Teething Party Pops, their trendy ‘Cake Pop + Flower Combination’ and their unique ‘Bride Pop’ creation for the classy yet sassy Bride’s Bachelorette Party, all below.  These pictures leave us craving for more!

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